No notice can be derived from the data users worry about its difficult to resume operation

suddenly shut down 236 days later, the domestic well-known micro-blog site without the management team told reporters yesterday, you can export the information in the absence of rice. Although the notice stressed that the data can be exported and no rice can be restored, when there is no inevitable link between the recovery, but many users are worried that this may not come back again".

notice yesterday evening quietly appeared in the watercress network, signed no team meal". Notice that the user can be provided from the link to the address of the data in the rice is not, and this address, it is not the official blog address.

no matter how far away from the meal has been 236 days. As the earlier version of micro-blog rice has officially launched in May 2007, and in the first half of last year the number of users once soared to millions, but from last July 8th morning, Fanfou home suddenly began to log on, and in the afternoon the servers were shut down".

October 20, 2009, although the team did not eat on the blog, said: "105 days to stop, walked the 2 colleagues, but we are still. Meal will come back." However, the blog can not visit the same day. Subsequently, the rice no user began to fall into a long wait, so far they do not know the reason for the meal is not temporarily closed, do not know when to open up.

shortly after the publication of the notice, the user has been introduced in the thread in the derived data. "I export success, beginning from 2007, 3700 news, netizens said" flowers ". But swarms of users soon caused a network congestion, the system starts to prompt the user login "waiting", and more people complain in the thread cannot access.

Nandu reporter noted that, although the team Fanfou is stressed in the notice, can not recover rice and export data, when the recovery are not necessarily linked, and that is still in the fight for re opening, but derived data joy, more users into concern and speculation, "suddenly can not know export data is a good news or bad news, some people even worry," Fanfou may never come back ".

"successfully exported, only a memory", a user thread said, without any meal, what is the meaning of.

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