Google search from entry to master v4 0

Google from entry to the master v4.0 
1, the   />2 < BR,  
3, how to abstract; the use of  
4, Google;  
6,   search entry; basic search  
6.1, the search result consists of two or more than two key words:  
6.2, the search results to not contain specific information  
6.3, the search results at least contains any number of keywords in a  

8, advanced search; search  
8.3, search keywords containing   in URL /

8.5, search keywords in the web page contains   "anchor";


9.2, find similar to a page structure page  


11,   image search;  

12 directory search; search, news group  

13,   Google other outstanding function;

13.3, the word English interpreted  

  webpage translation;

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