A please put a pulse of T College Station

push a line up to now, the forum’s Web site diagnostic forum has become the most fire column. Only a few of us early management personnel to help in the analysis, but with the passage of time, there have been more and more friends involved, even a lot of friends wrote a special article affirmed on our column. We are pleased. Get to the point, examples today to bring you a IT site.

landlord questions: Station Name: IT College Station, web site: http://s.itxyz.net

positioning: to tell the truth, I am still pondering how to locate, because it is new sites, but chaos.

to ask questions: 1: the site’s key words how to set?

2: how can we go out?

3; how can I let more people find my site through the search engine, the first question is very similar, perhaps you can ask, how to set key words.

4: page layout line is not, but also with color?

5: how to make money through the site (good popular ah!)

above is what I want to ask the question, I hope to push a web site diagnosis of a friend express.

Jiang Likun: your station is not chaotic, looked very comfortable, I like the green tune, first like a ha, the following answer your question.

a, the site’s key words set?

this is based on your site positioning, content characteristics and user search habits to determine, of course, but also a number of tools to support cooperation, the. For example, we push a, is to promote, so all the keywords are basically related to the promotion.

detailed keyword setting skills to find the relevant section bar.

two, how can we go out?

if you do not want to spend money, you can only say that the free method can be used with it, the specific method is not to say, we have a lot of articles here. If there are resources, such as money, or have some background platform support, then say. If you have this advantage, you can talk about, we discuss specific methods.

I also want to say a word of mouth, for promotion, the platform is the foundation, the content is the key. Have a distinctive content, to push, otherwise really not easy.

three, how can I get more people through the search engine to find my site with the first question is very similar, perhaps you can ask, how to set key words.

hey hey, SEO yeah. URL above also give you.

four, page layout line is not, as well as color collocation?

for personal station, you have done a good job, a small proposal, personal or

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