Womanizer by Lenovo venture capital investment in new media advertising platform big data Building

November 9th, the mobile Internet era of big data and artificial intelligence platform technology companies, the media play Cafe officially disclosed, has completed the first round of financing of 60 million yuan in the first half of the year, Lenovo venture capital investment led. Womanizer CEO media Gao Di male said: "financing will be used to optimize the hard core alliance business development, mobile Internet vertical ecological system construction and operation flow system, the media will be based on" coffee play big data + artificial intelligence "to create new advertising service platform." It is reported that the media has a womanizer is scheduled to launch a new round of financing.

senior vice president of Lenovo Group, Lenovo Group CEO He Zhiqiang said: "venture capital investment is an important measure to play Cafe media Lenovo layout of the mobile Internet and intelligent environment, Lenovo venture to play Cafe media open global resources, and provide research and development, human, financial, market, channel, legal affairs, government affairs and so the whole value chain of enterprise support." Song Chunyu, vice president of Lenovo Group, Lenovo venture capital investment manager, said: Mobile Internet era, big data and artificial intelligence will have a fundamental change in the user experience, business models and products. Womanizer media through the hard core strategic alliance cooperation, to create a "big data and artificial intelligence ‘high-quality advertising platform, unique status of the industrial chain, we can design a new mobile APP and high-quality, accurate advertising service platform to help mobile phone manufacturers and mobile applications to obtain a better user experience and business model."


(Mobile Hardcore Alliance, a hardcore alliance referred to as M.H.A) was formally established in August 2014, is the mobile Internet smart mobile phone manufacturers, the domestic first-line OPPO, vivo, Lenovo, Coolpad, Jin, HUAWEI jointly initiated and participated in the organization of value-added services. May 2016 Meizu to join as a new strategic partner alliance core. Play Cafe media is the Secretariat of hardcore alliance, operation and management for the hardcore alliance.

cafes media is committed to creating the largest China mobile Internet (Android intelligent mobile phone business flow optimization service platform). Play Cafe media will join the hardcore alliance, for mobile phone manufacturers flow platform upgrade development, continue to provide efficient tools and services based on user value, explore the mobile phone manufacturers of high quality fine operation flow and content traffic scenarios based on large data analysis of integrated marketing, and ensure user experience to optimize the effectiveness of the."

in addition, the media also play cafe to mobile phone users as the fundamental, is committed to the construction of intelligent mobile phone manufacturers Internet vertical ecological system, providing fine flow operation service for mobile phone manufacturers; media play cafe to build "3 intelligent terminal system is based on data of 600 million mobile phone users, the operation optimization of products and services as the core. To provide comprehensive and perfect fine flow operation services for members of hardcore solutions alliance.

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