From the perspective of making money to teach you how to do an nternet expert

domestic Internet companies to make money to the industry is the main industry, the so-called industry companies, and the traditional industry is closely related to the network company. This type of company boss, had not been exposed to the Internet, even now contact the Internet, and even rely on the Internet to make a lot of money, many of them do not understand technology. Only know that the Internet is easy to make money, but the cost is much smaller than traditional industries.

bosses do not understand technology, even unsuspectingly on the Internet, as a technical staff of this type of company feel powerless feeling. It is often heard in these companies that friends complain that they have previously complained. Always feel right, the boss catch Sili not to put, all for us, do not give out their own talent, and treatment is quite low.

this type of technical staff of the company is characterized by a high degree of education, social experience, the technology itself, self righteous, lift the eyes of people, the surface does not care, the heart of jealousy". You look at the blog to see if you have this feature? These features, there is no other meaning, I used to be like this, but now calm down, found himself not very cattle B, but the lack of things or a lot of.

said so much, is to those who do not have to stay in the company of people preheat ahead of it, the province for a while to write something to the design concept with you not when, while in the comments about me, and I saw these comments, don’t delete it, my own uncomfortable, delete now, as I listened to other people like.

The website

industry, you are not an industry-specific search words, a few months into certain network called (name, surname is China beauty industry such as network, the China Financial Network), with these types of sites you use the most simple method to compare. Take a look at the site’s advertising, the basic can be explained that the site is profitable. And those who profit good site, basically do not do a few beautiful, those ads can not sell the number of sites, but a better than one to do.

have you ever wondered why?

advertising and content, which would have been very conflict (it class website, there is no absolute content, content is advertising). You are convenient for users to view the content, you sacrifice the ad. However, this practice is only a lot of people standing on the body, and the bosses do not think so stand. So those bosses vote for money to do the site, advertising is always the first. This will become a web template design conflict.

ads, your site is basically no way to intervene (portal site of the industry better, basically do not have the initiative, the initiative is also called to red, bold, can, but have to pay). Your site was originally a red tone based website. Advertisers may have to do a green tone pictures or flash. Red and green are too hard to match. A small picture is OK, but if the ad is more

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