How to open shop in Taobao Taobao shop how to find sources

In the Taobao

online shop more or less there will be some shop experience, such as shop I have experienced what things, let me understand what reason, today to share my own experience: Taobao


this is my QQ:2813217134 to open the shop plus I QQ (annotated from: webmaster network)

I see a lot of Taobao

shop in the opening process on a lot of time delay, I don’t tell you in these very important place is not delay too long, after all, our purpose is to make money, Taobao shop main operation is to more important, actually said white is marketing, Taobao and Taobao shop marketing skills we need to learn to shop

Then someone asked the Taobao

shop even some basic knowledge will not how to proceed? To be honest not Taobao shop is best to find a teacher to help you better, if there is no guidance, only my own, it will encounter many setbacks and frustration will be possible in this make you feel more boring if Taobao shop, professional teacher to guide you to open a shop is definitely not the same, at least the teacher can give you many detours, they contact Taobao for a long time, the Taobao shop experience this one are more familiar with, as the saying goes good spicy ginger or old

shop instructor he can help you how to sell products at least he can tell you some of Taobao shop sales skills, such as the release of the baby should be the period in which the release of good, baby how on the show, how to promote, how to use quantum statistics, how to analyze the source of traffic, Taobao should pay attention to what so, as long as you probably know, will enhance your ability and speed of.


according to my own ideas is to shop should not haggle over some trifles things, I also have to spend much money, buy this buy that how much money, how much money to spend to learn Taobao shop, as long as we can learn knowledge, our goal is to survive in Taobao, you save the money you can become rich? Money should be spent on change to take place, so we don’t love

This is my

thing in recent years is also figured out before you like most people think, would rather spend less and spend less, I give you a fact, I read a newspaper with an old lady with 600 yuan was very old when saved to the bank for cash or 600 yuan, but for the money, then what is the concept of 600 yuan, 600 yuan now say what is the concept, you have not thought about money now so Mao, you put the money saved, then this year more and more money Mao, so now you earn 2000 yuan in January January to earn 200 yuan less after a few years you will save tens of thousands more easily

I want to tell you is that money is not to save it, is to make it, of course, also need financial management, but we should spend money must be spent, we do not have to Taobao for some details such as: decoration, marketing skills and so on to worry about, "

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