Why online business is difficult to do marketing

is now due to the rapid rise of the Internet, more and more people saw the electricity supplier on the fertile soil of the future huge market prospects, so more and more in the construction site, more and more online stores in the building, more and more advertisements in the publicity, so many people are reflected online business has become more and more difficult.

But many people think that

is in increasingly difficult circumstances, there are still a lot of people can achieve great success in the A new force suddenly rises., the Internet industry in general is to do good to do better, do the poor do worse, and the other reason is the huge difference of two words: marketing.

so why do we first analyze the popularity of online business is difficult to do?

first, there is no overall concept of network marketing, your site is a warehouse

many people now network marketing concept is very simple, easy to believe that as long as their products online will be accomplished ", so a lot of people on the website or shop has become a typical online warehouse. Even if the customer to see your site, but also feel disorganized, it will lose the desire to buy. Now the site should emphasize the user experience, that is, to allow potential consumers to enter the site, there will be a pleasant feeling, which will greatly increase the customer’s desire to buy.

secondly, in the eyes of many people electricity supplier is Baidu, Alibaba, Taobao

in the eyes of many traditional so-called electricity supplier is Baidu, Ali, Taobao, many people think that as long as I open a Taobao store or on Baidu’s own products do, then we are marketing, this idea is completely mistaken. Electricity supplier is far more than just Baidu, Alibaba and Taobao these, you think it is difficult to let your consciousness lock your line of sight, broaden their horizons, naturally there will be more market.

furthermore, C2C’s world disdain for B2B

now has a lot of website marketing information on B2B some disdain to go, some of the Taobao "intellectuals" still shouting and said: we’re C2C! Yes, perhaps it is because you know it is C2C so you do not do business on the B2B website, free hanging on their information, you and Why not?! do marketing B2B is a platform that can not be ignored.

finally, network marketing = network promotion

so many people in the network marketing is that network marketing is the network promotion, are full of mind on how to improve the rankings, how to earn traffic, but what is the use of these? Take it now SEO, SEO is a synonym for network optimization, do not have how many web site traffic, but how to convert web traffic to the intention of the customer, the ultimate goal of network marketing is not marketing promotion.

said so many reasons, then we say again, how to make their own online business:


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