New media marketing should be how to play

do not know at what time the marketing has become a negative word, everyone began to hate hate advertising marketing, but marketing is an indispensable business management method, no marketing business can not be carried out. But now, as long as you write the article with some unknown brand name, immediately the netizen says hydrology, ads and so on, even if your article is of great value, can even help him solve the problem, they will still be severely criticized. Just like a movie, as long as the lens on a product fixed a few seconds, immediately have friends say that this placement is too obvious, even if the film is very exciting, I still can not escape this vladimir. This time we are marketing fully brainwashed, as long as the channel or platform of people gathered will be leading businesses bombing, now everyone on the marketing and advertising are beginning to have a strong rebound in psychology, so that businesses start advertising with more and more income is not proportional to the micro-blog, WeChat began more and more well done now, the customers should be how to expand it.

in recent years, the user experience a very fire, either App or software store, are beginning to optimize various details of products and services to enhance the user experience, so that users can enjoy more convenient and more comfortable experience. I see a lot of user experience reading articles on the Internet, some people say that the user experience is beyond user expectations and give users a surprise, and some people say that the user experience is to reduce the user’s trouble, also said that the user experience is to let the user feel valued by respect, there are many online reading, I not one overview. It is true that these are right, but a lot of friends read these articles have come to Liu Zijun said, I know to pay attention to the user experience, but the user experience in marketing should be how to do?. At that time I tried to answer, but to say just said, there is no more explanation.

recently I often in the past friend’s lynx bike shop, there is a family in their shop upstairs, their little friend since I bought a bike, then not to touch the iPad and video game, will spend a lot of time to practice every day car, bicycle has such charm have? Many parents have a headache problem easily solved? Because most people on bikes are means of transport to work, sometimes as wandering out traffic tools, but if not to use rigid demand, they usually have very little chance to ride a bike, so the children to buy a bicycle great chance to become a victim of heat for three minutes, but the little friend magically persisted. He insisted on my analysis for several reasons:

1, bicycle to bring him not the same entertainment experience, so banned iPad and game consoles.

2, after cycling more than a lot of friends to play with him, in addition to the children there are many friends, I am one of them.

3, cycling is aerobic exercise, so his parents are very supportive, but also encourage him to step on the bike, than to stay at home to play iPad much better.

4, children know >

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