Four strokes teach you to learn to promote the sale of their own website

is now the sales market is no longer as in the past only less and less, and now the sales website, it seems like a lot more than ever Weakness lends wings to rumours., in time, I also constantly observe the information and exchange operators a lot of sales, which found one of many promotion methods, is also very practical. After finishing writing down, hoping to give you a little help.

first recruit: know how to do the rational promotion of Baidu

is now a lot of people are afraid of investment, and now the investment is not like in the past, always thought to spend money to do Baidu promotion is a waste of money, in fact, is not the case. When you find that revenue is greater than the expenditure, it is no matter how much advertising burn more money, after all, you still earn by this method. Many people don’t do Baidu promotion, but in fact it is skillful, such as some people can find their own brand sales, often search keywords, you can filter out the high price of the product, however, we can also assume that you want to think, sales of a commodity should be how to search. I have a friend is to use Baidu to promote their website to play out before, although each month on Baidu to spend advertising, but also can produce tens of thousands of revenue in the tens of thousands of advertising fee.

second strokes, clever use of Baidu know, cleverly found sales crowd

a lot of people are aware of the fact that most of the problems Baidu know in Baidu have a good ranking, only know how to use is the key to improve efficiency. We must first choose the right keywords, and then to find people online to answer. Such as selling clothes, then you can find such questions, such as where to sell clothes site? Then leave your sales site on the answer, in order to prevent accidents, try to use the site name in reply, as little as possible to send links. If you don’t know whether he is still looking for someone on behalf of the operation, all the OK! Because of the use of an account of the above operation, can easily be found in Baidu. At the same time only account for the higher the level, Taobao has a lot of staff on behalf of hands have a lot of high level Baidu know account.

third measure: increase campus promotion can make the fame greatly increased

can find MM such promotion, look at it! When she found out that soon the winter vacation, the opportunity to use the holiday to do promotion in the University, in fact, do promotion if you do good in college, students will also give yourself a holiday home after the family said. As a twenty chuan-100 spread down the effect is very good. College students are the main consumer groups, online shopping crowd is quite large, if the sales promotion can produce good results. At that time my friend is such a promotion, seize an exam information, find a test data printing press to cooperate on the exam review materials and excellent students finishing learning notes for printing, after a time to discuss business at a very low price to win, in order to promote sales website, so at that time.

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