Discussion on the promotion methods and matters needing attention of question and answer platform

very early to write quiz website promotion of things, but always feel this is not done, I remember last year beginning to engage in network promotion to write once, that it is for PV, not the actual content. The sorting out of this period of time when the quiz website experience in the actual operation, once again, hope to help novice, veteran please see after direct filtration ignore good.

Q & a website promotion has been in the promotion of the network occupies a very important position, which we all know. How to make good use of it is what you have to say here today. First, choose several present authoritative quiz station to recommend to you: 1, www.zhidao.baidu.com 2, www.wenda.tianya.cn 3, www.iask.sina.com.cn 4, www.wenwen.soso.com 5, www.ask.koubei.com 6, www.shequ.gtxh.com/know. Of course, there are a lot of other Q & a station, there are a number of professional Q & a station, where only a few people choose a relatively high flow. We can choose according to their actual needs of different platforms.

choose a good platform, then the next thing we have to do is how to operate. The most important thing is the first step, the choice of keywords, keywords, general recommendation to choose your main products or related websites of course, how to feel your keywords is not enough, can also operate the derivative of the long tail word (if you push the main steel, then the corresponding can also push steel prices, steel prices, steel market etc.). This is based on the actual operation to determine their own.


the second step is to choose the main push of the quiz station, then registered account, here to remind you, register several, and in the operating process to register a new account, not an account used in the end (easy to be judged as advertising platform). It is best to use rotation.

the third step is to answer the question, answer questions based on keyword search of others you want to promote your marketing, embedded in the answer here, put a little love into the web link friends need to pay attention to what the problem is, don’t take a link, do good choice, think to have a lot of people search problem was inserted, and must pay attention to the amount, in the Baidu know the above is particularly important, the author had made this kind of mistake, the result is Baidu will no longer allow the release of the link.

the fourth step, if the keywords you have extended cold, not much, then I suggest you go to take the initiative to set up registration trumpet issue problem set up, it is best to take your keywords, but also as far as possible, professional and meticulous, the surface of the problem is best not to send.

fifth, ask for the answer, the answer must be to change the number, answer, the best conditions for IP (a > online answer

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