What is the future prospect of the past network marketing

The word

network marketing actually contains something that is really very much, I am not what scholars are unwilling to a concept to say a big round of dry brains difficult words, then to define a could be so simple can clearly explain things. Therefore, the author of the definition of network marketing is through the use of the network to make money marketing methods!



e-commerce in the author’s consistent understanding, the most basic function is to achieve electronic payment, but this is just my personal opinion.

In fact,

, electronic commerce is defined as "popular around the world in a wide range of commercial and trading activities, the Internet in the open network environment, based on Browser / server applications, both buyers and sellers are not met for various business activities, a new business model for consumers online shopping, online trading business and online electronic payment and a variety of business activities, trading activities, financial activities and related service activities."

therefore, the author believes that the network marketing and electronic commerce. Because the network marketing may only rely on the network some features to attract the target consumers. For example, the author will sell stuff on BBS in the very early days, is used offline to meet trading, e-commerce is this


so, I always think network marketing is marketing after all, part of the expansion of the traditional marketing way, can be cheaper and more focused marketing function in the network platform, for example, SEO is a good way of network marketing.

DM and SEO

What is

DM? Can actually be the most changeful, but in our daily life will often encounter, such as McDonald’s coupons, supermarket every month promotional magazine, and Loushu, leaflets…… Can be within the range of the collection to DM.

, burn DM magazine

The first job

of the author, is responsible for the website information update at the same time, is also responsible for a book called "iLife" (love life) of a column content of DM magazine writing, it said, the magazine at that time still do quite well, because it was imitating the book called "foreigners in Guangzhou" the magazine model. Inside of the information content in Guangzhou and then to direct the idle away in seeking pleasure, many famous buildings, also sent to the street a. Magazine issue 20 thousand, page probably dozens of pages, though not the use of coated paper, but are used in commercial printing mode. Because there is no issue because of the magazine only as a member magazine published in the form of. The last page of each magazine will have a subscription form, as long as you fill in the relevant information, you can get free magazine. I was wondering, these magazines make a point is not ambiguous, although the company is responsible for editing, but there are many part-time writers also help write the article, plus.

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