Do not do e commerce five years later you will regret

After hearing

Ma will speak in the first fair of first network business, with my colleagues to do e-commerce, five years you will regret "forwarded the speech, mainly from the situation analysis to discuss, I own development from today’s perspective, combined with his experience in recent years and thinking, and we want to talk about why not do e-commerce, after five years of regret.

1, vendor

today, as long as you have enough persuasion and the prospects for the next line to find an intention to develop the industry’s cooperation is relatively easy, the conditions are relatively favorable. After all, the current domestic e-commerce talents shortage of small and medium-sized enterprises want to is not so easy to find a suitable e-commerce trader. Moreover, many of the current line of e-commerce enterprises, lack of attention, or even think to buy a domain name space to get a website or Taobao opened a shop, no longer pay what cost that is the electronic commerce, even with the right people is not able to use. Coupled with the current enclosure period, it is difficult to taste the sweetness, but to change the personalized products and services, many companies will also do a good job because of eye problems. Not to say that five years later, two years later, according to pat network data at the annual meeting of the Chinese online retail annual meeting of the national retail sales reached a total of 800 billion of the size of the, and now sit steady when it is not necessarily. When you want to go to work when the manufacturer, the other out of the conditions of the absolute high a lot, "I will tell you why not find yourself or have done the channels of cooperation is very good, but you choose to support the uncertain future?".

suppliers and their own need for a run in period, procurement allows you and your suppliers to develop suitable for online sales of the "tacit understanding", to achieve high efficiency, is not a short time to quickly achieve.

2, warehousing and logistics

day 100 single following the most efficient manual, single, single, 10000 different supply channels, product types, geographical reasons, the most efficient warehousing and logistics solutions is the need to rely on their own to explore slowly. Their own team and not in practice, constantly trying to try to explore the efficiency of low, it is difficult to find a very efficient storage and logistics solutions. How to store the information flow and workflow into the library, how to optimize?…… Now online shopping customer requirements is not high, a few years after the market big cake before the corresponding traveler user experience to do good, you can make your customers to you a short duration of time between Invoicing efficiency satisfied? Finally, and express the company’s "tacit understanding" culture.

3, customer base

Both the B2C and the

C2C shop, now has a considerable effective customer purchase information and fan accumulation, five years later, how many have accumulated? So, others precision marketing, back single, you will not be very easy to catch up.

4, team

the entire e-commerce industry, now >

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