Music Amoy fourth round of financing 30 million said earnings can not live for three or four years

core tip: with this financing, music Amoy even if not profitable, but also to survive 3, 4 years." Chen Hu, vice president of music Amoy said.

for a long time with layoffs, loss, etc. the winter words tangled in the e-commerce industry, a ray of warm. January 9th, well-known footwear B2C website Amoy Amoy exclusive to this newspaper revealed that it has received $30 million in the fourth round of financing.

with this financing, music Amoy even if not profitable, but also to survive for three or four years." Le Amoy vice president Chen Hu said, this financing allows an ample supply of forage amoy. The most parsimonious "timely assistance" risk investors, at this time to Amoy music is not an easy decision. Yue Yue CEO Yue Yue frankly, in answer to the question of the most concerned about the profitability of investors, its investors to make a variety of music Amoy profit budget and business structure to make a commitment.

fact, B2C shoe industry in 2012 is still in great uncertainty, with BELLE’s excellent shopping, making the original music Amoy, good music to buy the two fight, into the romance of the three kingdoms. If coupled with the sound of Taobao on the bigger shoe warehouse, the war will be more intense.


"won the tens of millions of dollars in financing, if the second half of 2011 has control of marketing costs, even if not profitable, can survive for three or four years." Chen Hu said.

from November 2011, Le Amoy CEO Bi Sheng in the search for a new round of financing. Although there are a lot of music Amoy on account of cash, but unlike pong on Tencent to buy good music, and backed by BELLE’s excellent purchase as not bad money, still need an ample supply of food.

this is the fourth round of music Amoy financing. According to Chen Hu revealed that the first three rounds of investors, such as the source of funds, with the capital of Germany, tiger funds have followed the vote, leading investors are not convenient to disclose. The financing was finalized before Christmas last year.

in the case of the entire electricity supplier environment is poor, get this financing process is not easy. The past two months, music Amoy CEO Bi Sheng to continue to talk about the various investors, music Amoy shoes will be profit story.

at present, the entire footwear B2C are not profitable, the high cost. Footwear B2C gross margin of about 20%-30%, which accounted for 10% of the logistics cost of the entire footwear B2C passenger price of the unit, the cost of marketing accounts for the unit price of 30% (crazy, and even reached a maximum of 50%). After deducting the high cost of marketing, warehousing and logistics, and then planed to human spending, as well as 10% of the logistics costs, each shoe B2C in the blood selling operation".

investors do not ask us to profit in 2012, but in 2012, the music Amoy will make a budget for profit, and business restructuring." Chen Hu said that all the footwear B2C to this time.

"the past two years"

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