Ridiculous price into reality the domestic electricity supplier first bid treasure

(site news) recently, the major network forum appeared a new hot word – bid treasure. The word comes from the friends drying out 300 yuan to buy iPhone "," 20 pieces of buy Soybean Milk machine "and so on" ridiculous buy low ", that is through a called" bid treasure "to buy, for a while," bid treasure "has attracted the attention of a large number of users.

the source of the word, is an alternative electricity supplier website – wisdom in bid (www.110bid.com). When you click into the site, you will find that the price of all things is very low ridiculous, than the user said, 300 yuan to buy iPhone is much lower. The reason for the low price from the bid treasure shopping model.

in the wisdom of bid shopping, all users need to participate in the purchase of goods bid treasure and win. Bid treasure rules are like this, the price of all goods are the beginning of the 0 yuan, every person who wants to buy bid, a certain amount of virtual currency consumption – treasure, commodity prices rose by 1 cents.

10 seconds without any other person bid, goods are sold at the same price to the last bid treasure.

bid treasure Official Gameplay introduced

in this mode, the price of the right to return to the hands of the user, the price level depends more on the user’s strategy, resulting in a large number of low-cost. Even if not everyone can successfully buy at low prices, but the failure to consume a full refund of the 0 risk protection, people can not resist the absurd cheap, still attracted a large number of young users. From the wisdom of the reporter was informed that in bid, the proportion of users under the age of 30 accounted for more than 80%.

The pursuit of

material is getting higher and higher, but the income can not keep up with the pace of the pursuit, which has become the portrayal of most of the younger generation. Bid treasure this shopping model, just to solve their low purchasing power". Audience is the market, low purchasing power of a large group, bid treasure shopping model of the large market space can be imagined.

in the electricity supplier industry, bid treasure is probably one of the many models, but whether it is the size of the market space or the current user, are showing immeasurable potential. Wisdom in the bid will be in the future has long become a battlefield of the saliva of the electricity business to bring what kind of surprise, let us wait and see.


wisdom in bid cartoon image: bid Aberdeen


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