The clothing shop selling defective brush fined 120 thousand

JINGWAH Times News (reporter Yuan Guoli) a clothing store sales by the business sector to identify substandard goods, the survey also found that its online sales and the actual does not match, there is a false brush. Reporters learned yesterday from the Tongzhou branch of Commerce and industry, Tongzhou garment electricity supplier was fined 12 yuan.

it is understood that in November last year, Tongzhou industrial and commercial bureau checks to check a business in the online sales of clothing, the clothing store online sales of 4 jackets are not qualified, so the electricity supplier investigation. This business is registered in Tongzhou, according to the company responsible Liu said, 4 unqualified jacket is mainly in order to engage in promotional activities in the double eleven period, commissioned the production of a garment factory in Baodi District of Tianjin, at the time of being seized, the clothing store sales of 4 substandard products the actual total sales total more than 4 yuan, illegal profits more than 2.6 yuan.

industry and commerce departments to further investigate, Liu Mousheng said 4 products sold a total of 157, but the law enforcement officers found that their online sales records have been sold for 261. Liu admitted that the online display of sales is not the number of their own products to sell, in order to promote the trust of consumers, through the online advertising to find a single brush brush. Liu provided to the business sector to find someone to brush a single hit record, confirmed his statement. After verification, the clothing store a total of 104 false brush, false brush amount of more than 2 yuan.

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the electricity supplier may not use the network technology means or carrier, etc., in order to fictitious transactions, such as the removal of unfavorable evaluation, for their own or others to enhance business reputation. Tongzhou Business Bureau, Liu through a single brush to increase sales to cheat the consumers trust, and sales of substandard products, in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, so the confiscation of their illegal income, and fined 121 thousand yuan.

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