HUAWE mall early experience weak supply price distribution to be upgraded



in the home to choose the smart machine options, including the list of glory U8860 9 products, there are 3 shows no cargo


technology news March 19th noon news, HUAWEI officially released yesterday’s business platform HUAWEI mall, become a domestic terminal manufacturers and "net". HUAWEI mall is currently in the sale of goods for all HUAWEI products. Sina Technology through the first time experience point of view, it is not obvious in terms of supply, price and user experience is not obvious, the search ranking problem will even lead to the user can not find the mall entrance. In addition, HUAWEI mall in the distribution chain is significantly weaker than Jingdong mall such electronic business platform.

search ranking and internal web site name


user experience worthy of not much, but there is an obvious disadvantage. The disadvantage is that Baidu search rankings behind, users easily strayed into the interior of HUAWEI mall This is for HUAWEI employees, HUAWEI mall and the general user of HUAWEI mall name exactly the same. Moreover, the former is located in the first Baidu search results, while the latter is located in the search results in its internal web site and Jingdong area, ranked fourth.

from the point of view of beautiful design, the overall accuracy of the HUAWEI mall is still fine, the top and the left side of the product navigation level is also more clear. Introduction, HUAWEI mall and other B2C platform is the same product photos, no more details of the show.

small commodity prices high

terminal equipment providers as a significant advantage should be more secure on the source, but this is not obvious in the HUAWEI Mall ( reflected. Select the smart machine options on the home page, the list includes the glory U8860 9 products in the display of 3 goods.

HUAWEI mall home all goods label is divided into mobile phones, mobile terminals, home terminals and accessories four options. In addition to mobile phone category, the other three under the label of a total of only three products, two of them are out of state goods.

price, the price of HUAWEI mall compared with Jingdong mall no rules to follow. In contrast to the attention of the HUAWEI Honor U8860, for example, HUAWEI mall 1950 yuan cheaper than the price of Jingdong mall after the discount of $more than and 100. However, HUAWEI MediaPad tablet 3G version is more expensive than Jingdong 800 yuan.

HUAWEI mall in the distribution of the short board is also more obvious.

delivery time, the promised delivery time is 1-2 working days after the user orders, all goods inventory information and real-time display of goods to the order of 1~3 days after the goods to the warehouse, and some even order 5~10 days after the arrival of the goods at the warehouse". This is with Beijing

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