Taobao introduced new regulations Ghost shop tragedy

news August 24th, you saw the Taobao "no goods only for appreciation", "more details please see WeChat" goods? Show the goods shop called "ghost shop", they are often not to clinch a deal for the purpose of pure Taobao windows, when released "advertising" behavior often the guide to other trading platform selling fraud, evade supervision.


Taobao recently issued new regulations, special rectification, in accordance with the "ghost shop" Taobao rules, description of the goods is unknown, no actual commodity, only contact the person and goods this shop goods information (non residential except), were judged as "Taobao search advertising goods". These goods are not released due to the transaction, leaving only a photo, a micro signal, QQ number or cell phone number, etc..

in some extreme cases, some shops have more than 100 thousand items, each one is the "advertising", the shop like a ghost attached to Taobao, WeChat will cut the hand of the party who drainage circle of friends, QQ space and other social networking platforms, and illegal trading.


platform management department commodity management center responsible for the special action of Mo brother (nickname), in order to maintain a healthy Taobao trading order, Taobao recently decided to cheat the seller advertising goods if the circumstances are especially serious "ghost shop" shop supervision of penalty execution.

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