Analysis of different commodity network marketing methods

is not difficult to find that the core content of the electronic commerce network marketing as a new marketing mode, more and more attention, and the mode of marketing will become the main direction of future marketing. Now on the Internet market with personal experience, different types of products should focus on the application of different network marketing methods. Mainly from the following three types of product analysis (suitable for e-commerce products)

A: commodities, personal daily necessities

such commodities include: clothing, shoes, backpacks, toys, bicycles, books, audio and video products, beauty products, accessories, mobile phones… Like this, usually belongs to the small commodities, and people are very familiar with, understanding of their performance, they do not need to spend too much time to compare, cheap, convenient and visual pleasure became the main motive force of them, so they will choose more like shopping malls, some well-known supermarket retail stores to buy fast.

so I suggest that the main network marketing channels should be placed on some of the major B2B, B2C platform. For example, the domestic well-known Alibaba,,, Baidu has ah,, Jingdong, the top grade discount mall network,, I love discount network, pat Network, acorn shopping network, famous department store, shopping guide, new digital mall… , this type of online shopping platform has nearly a hundred famous, here is not a list of.

we can set up shop in the above, the threshold is very low, who can go in; can also become their suppliers, of course, the threshold is relatively higher. First of all to ensure the quality of goods, followed by the price advantage, and then logistics and distribution. Because there are many suppliers of similar goods, how to have more advantages than others, this is what we should think about.

two categories: Service Industry – Commodity services, personal consumption services

this kind of service products include: education and training, tickets booking, medical hairdressing, hotel, travel agency, insurance, financial services, real estate advertising, matchmaking, photo studio, occupation introduction, consulting services, network game… This category usually belongs to the family, the collective nature of the service consumption, but also for the user is more important, because it can not be seen before, so the nature and process of attention. They usually choose a more well-known, reasonably priced services, and will pay special attention to the evaluation of the main body of a service. So they are more likely to go to the Internet to find information about a service. For example: Beijing a beauty salon is best? How the loan? Prize.the


so I suggest that this kind of product service major network marketing channels should be on their own website, search engines and directories on the web site. As far as possible to their web site to do more professional, more humane at the same time to search engine marketing (SEM) as the main means. Including: Web search engine optimization (SEO), PPC, etc.

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