Summary of local door website promotion measures to local conditions

China’s Internet users reached

in 2009 at the beginning of 300 million, with the Internet and the Internet people grow with each passing day has become mature, especially for the users of local network dependence is more and more obvious, our webmaster friends put their more attention to local industry website.

we went to dedecms, as everyone knows, Discuz! Two space program to a template, change the Gaga content, we will also have their own local life portal website apartment layout. But in the website platform, the basic content, the most important thing is to promote the site, this is the most important work in our website operation.

well, here we come to the question, what should we how to local site promotion? Personally think it should be from the following aspects might be better.

1, local forum, post bar

forum because adhesion is good, user loyalty is relatively high, there are some of the most old users of Internet users, so that we will first obtain the flow of the group. But in this propaganda must grasp a skill and the degree of the problem, too far.

2, Internet cafes to promote

Internet browser home page, computer desktop these are very good use of resources, of course, you want to talk about the Internet and how to cooperate with the Internet bar boss, and signed an agreement.

3, bombing local QQ group

spend a few days to register a number of QQ, and then add QQ group each QQ number plus 100 groups, the number of QQ is also a group of 500. According to 1 groups of 100 people, the group is the 50 thousand potential users

4, the establishment of the site QQ group

will pay attention to your site users gathered here together to give advice and suggestions, the development of the website, make them owners feel. In addition, you can also discuss some of the hot topics in the local, often engage in some activities (such as travel ah, buy it), they will be your site’s most loyal Fans.

5, leaflets, mopping up cell

this method is a little bit less environmentally friendly, but the effect is very good, so that the publicity to the door, if you put the local community has been sent to, do not want to be a household name is difficult!

6, intermediary business cooperation

find housing intermediary, matchmaking, agent, such as second-hand car dealers cooperate with them, they will be posted to the website for a free information (contact information must have to fill out these businesses), in their front door hanging on "* * network partner" sign, don’t forget. Play big! The first time these are free, but once you grow, these businesses are likely to become the object of charge you


7, sponsoring some campus activities

if you have a certain amount of money, you can sponsor some campus life

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