Three magic weapon to enhance the effectiveness of micro blog marketing

at present, more and more people are interested in micro-blog, because it is different from the conventional blog, a word as an article published, not stomach that ink is dry, can maintain long-term updates by Internet users is behoove, micro-blog is changing our life the way. Because of this, whether it is Sina or micro-blog, micro-blog or QQ, gathered a lot of popularity, with micro-blog’s hot, gave birth to the relevant marketing way, so many e-commerce platform will micro-blog as an important channel for marketing. The author believes that to do micro-blog marketing, the main marketing model should be placed in the following 3 aspects:

1, the use of reward system, which will be forwarded more than a certain number of posts, you can get a reward or draw directly, such as:



due to the convenience of micro-blog forward, as long as the winning threshold is not high, many bloggers will have forwarded a pass ten, ten pass 100, terrible power network communication world.

2, the placement of an official in the official micro-blog release platform for the latest activities, or directly push a single product, if you have enough fans, attention naturally high, such as:




3, with CEO platform station, or the chairman founder independent blog, on the current hot events or figures or the related industry to express their views or original Bowen, adhere to update, to draw fans attention, attention to human beings, nature will also pay attention to what the man is, to bring to station. To achieve publicity platform, such as:


obviously, micro blog has become a new information platform after blog, its role and influence is to make full use of the good grow with each passing day, such as micro-blog’s marketing, use the interactive e-commerce platform, or will become a kind of new media publicity channels.

This paper first addresses

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