So the line to promote the abnormal

network promotion don’t ~ much dizzy, today we discuss the promotion of a downline in reality. Please pay attention to myself, I do not teach you how to do, I’m not less qualification, but we say! I’m not a professional to write text, but it is a little bit of their writing of course, are also watching the slobber words don’t scold go

has many webmaster promotion on the network desperately? Count, the station will be… But how many have tried online promotion in reality? Oh, I haven’t counted, but few believe, at least I have not seen, there is only an activity attached to…

. For example I sell some products such as clothes, jewelry,? What ah, do not know whether to put a stall next to a sign engraved with the name of the web site web site, said online purchase also hit how many fold. Hey, anyway, put a stall when people don’t accept your money, wow in a busy street, there are many people see… Those who looked after to stall out: a website? Stay will go back to the Internet really look at it… People go back a look, wow, if done better than Taobao, go out with friends. That day, in the street to see a guy like that, also engage in a website, really good… Really? Really?.. I also take a look, a mass ten, ten hundred, Wah Wah

family noodle shop, also took a " banner in front of the store; online meal ordering " eat, people depressed, such a store is a website for online meal ordering, you have to try. Go back to try it! Did not go in person, a look: international joke, this small broken shop also engage in this, advanced ah, it seems that our network is also developed in the village.


also unhappy things, to this. (this is a bit of money Oh)! When I often go out to see a sign is always some wearing a T-shirt with the company name, have not thought about this kind of clothes printed free, a cost of a few dollars to send. When people work clothes also come on, anyway, the main people wearing running around, however, you do too ugly, afraid they will get back to wipe the table


this is a bit of it! I am in Shenzhen, recently saw outside the elevator company downstairs had a shelf in what media there, there is some things such as advertising, company brochures, advertising pages, what, anyway, when I was waiting for the elevator, will see. Other people will see, don’t know if we can do something in it, anyway, others do not know, this is not to please the media company, and can be free… Wait a moment, how many people in the media company found a free ad? Hey, I know how to pinch, thought it was free, ha ha… Um… Well, look at you do not dare to do, to the wall paste ads, this is a polluted environment, to think twice ah ~

in the street

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