Common website promotion method to enhance the enterprise website publicity effect

    enterprise website often is not a chicken ribs, and seems to be not up to the expected goal. Our enterprise website has reached about 800000, the real effective use can be described as less and less. How to do a good job to launch the site to use its economic value?


      to network advertising, search website forums, email promotion promotion methods almost all engines are used, when these common promotion measures are known, the effect is not so obvious. Here are some more specific and effective promotion methods.


      1 enterprise soft Wen writing.


      publishing corporate publicity articles on Internet media. Allows users to browse the article at the same time, inadvertently remember the enterprise, and to generate interest in the enterprise, so as to visit the company’s Web site.


      in addition, the soft Wen in the publication, it is best to choose some of the more professional and have a certain influence on the site. Good enterprise soft Wen can help enterprises to quickly increase visibility, improve the enterprise’s own image, thereby increasing the flow of enterprise website.


      2 interviews with companies and people.


      an interview with enterprises and characters in the media website, enterprise or business leaders will introduce information to users, allowing users to better understand business, understand the enterprise culture, to attract users and increase of enterprise website and attention. WeaMAX, such as the Internet observation center and some other Internet professional media companies have opened a special enterprise and character column.


      3 industry site selection.


      for enterprises in the industry site selection, analysis of the overall situation of the industry website. Not only can help enterprises to find the location in the same industry website, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise website, help enterprises to enhance the competitiveness of the website, thereby increasing the amount of access to enterprise website.


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