Local fast food shop WeChat marketing case

this is a real case, the protagonist is a friend of me, he used the fast food and the combination of the traditional marketing of WeChat, has created a myth, the local county of the fast food industry independent orders, WeChat to pay, it can be said that this is a successful case of self media marketing.


here to talk about the case background: graduated from friends computer professional, have a certain understanding of the Internet, the beginning of entrepreneurship in the local county opened a snack shop, the main takeaway, according to his words to do a local fast food industry subversion, break the tradition, to the WeChat platform based implementation of online ordering and payment integration, so a friend the snack shop opened, and opened their own subscription number, named "city takeaway, at first he did not do any promotion just by word of mouth around friends, end of the first month, the basic income can only be used for daily expenses, profit is very little.

then I introduced him to one of the most efficient method to promote, through local related QQ group, if a group of 1 thousand people to calculate, as long as to the 10 group basically can be completed for 10 thousand of the marketing, even if the conversion rate of 1% or 100 people have become your customers generally, this type of advertising is not the main tick, after all food and beverage advertising is different from Web links, after a few months of operation and improvement, recently learned that basically his "city takeaway" has been realized WeChat WeChat ordering, payment and other functions, I asked what is the order quantity of the future, he said. A conservative number 200 single, 200 single for a small town takeaway food is a very good figure, if every single 20 yuan to calculate basically on turnover of about 4000 yuan, but this is still a big order Ascending space.

for the success of a friend I think the main success in several areas:


platform choice, choose WeChat as his marketing platform, seize the WeChat spread quickly and widely the selling point, WeChat based on WeChat, through the development of a large number of loyal users can subscribe to, also can through the WeChat push new menu, promotions and invite friends concerned about the WeChat discount and other characteristics in function completely ahead of the other way.

2, network marketing, although not done under the promotion of specific lines, but do enough online marketing, through the QQ group from the beginning to the side of WeChat circle of friends, have been very good communication.

3, accurate positioning, in the marketing process, the product that is only one takeaway, three meals a day is an essential part of every family, and young office workers as their food groups, because workers in the choice of three meals a day, usually the first priority is to save time. This point WeChat ordering just to meet the consumer psychology.

4, of course, a good product is the key to success, WeChat marketing is only a means of promotion, the most important thing is the taste of the food industry

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