Xixiangfeng marriage nets to join the National Show

a, Xi meet brief introduction:

xixiangfeng marriage nets since the opening, has been committed to providing enterprises with display of brand image, provide professional advice for consumers and service work, xixiangfeng established marriage nets has become the enterprise and consumer interaction and exchange of effective channels and platforms. The related resources on the marriage industry for the organic integration of content and consultation, to achieve efficient communication with consumers and the marriage industry.

two, wedding industry overview:

getting married is the most important thing in life. According to data released by the Ministry of civil affairs in People’s Republic of China, China in 2006 the number of registered marriage for the first time exceeded 10 million pairs, up to 10 million 742 thousand and 300 pairs, the highest record since the founding of china. While 2008 is expected to exceed the number of marriage registration in 2006, will reach 12 million pairs.

according to the official statistics of the China Social Work Association wedding Committee, in 2006 the average number of direct wedding spending per couple (excluding the purchase of new homes) was 48 thousand yuan. The total output value of the 2006 national wedding industry for more than 480 billion yuan.

three, Internet industry scan:

the Internet, became a hero in the interpretation of how much wealth, the legendary story – Chen Tianqiao, Robin Li, Ding Lei, Ma Yun and other influential man count generation romantic; Shanda, Baidu, NetEase, Alibaba rate from tens to hundreds of millions of years, is also a large number of hundreds of million to tens of millions of small sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, zhengqidouyan…… Ask: where is the world wealth?


Internet: Lightning rich, belongs to each one of us; the myth of wealth, all in the mouse click……

Internet today, has been unable to meet the needs of people. Major portals have also begun to seek new breakthroughs in the future direction of the internet. What does the next generation of Internet need? Where’s the next batch of Internet heroes?

four, profit analysis:

station network advertising revenue

xixiangfeng marriage nets as the first media Chinese wedding marriage industry, has a professional media advantage, attract local wedding industry businesses advertising in the substation, xixiangfeng marriage network provides more than more than and 300 advertising, including the release of local advertising pictures, text ads, businesses, key recommendation, character interview, corporate press releases and other profitable projects, and gradually developed a more profitable products, will be happy to meet each sub station area network bring considerable profits and marriage. All income is fully owned by the franchisee all sub station.

annual income: 5000*50=25 million

national network advertising is divided into

xixiangfeng marriage network has reached a cooperation agreement in Dove, good margin, Jin and other national enterprises in marriage, marriage nets xixiangfeng substation area reached 30% national coverage.

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