How to grasp the Christmas to carry out network marketing

Christmas more popular with the younger generation of the Blitz in China and before Christmas the supermarkets, business brains, every feature creation, making this a rare opportunity to profit promotion. For our webmaster, network marketing is also a good opportunity to speak. Today accidentally inquired about Christmas " what gift " " Christmas girlfriend what gift to " the class of long tail keywords found that the Baidu index soared to about 3000, as can be imagined Christmas can give us network marketing brings great business opportunities, to take this opportunity to the author how to use the Christmas to bring in more site traffic and published several opinions:

1, Christmas Special

Christmas special, such as B2C, C2C website how to buy Christmas gifts for Christmas theme, life information website can how to live as the theme, create beautiful and comply with the required information on Christmas, which make big eye in the Christmas period, make a reasonable search engine optimization, Christmas related keywords bring traffic it will be is expensive.

2, the introduction of new products, promotions

new things are always the most attractive, and promotions, and let people echocardiography, as marketing websites, in this shopping spree when promotional activities, offline activities is the best time, on Christmas Eve is a good article, discount, seckill, Christmas gift bag, this preferential policy to attract a large number of user clicks, for we grassroots web we can imitate the form of Taobao, where the customer, these famous website Christmas promotional activities.

3, add site interactive activities

every day, sending greeting, wishing and other interactive activities popular in site, suggest that owners take advantage of WEB2.0, the development of a page to do warm wishes to transfer in the website, or add a humorous Christmas animation, etc.. The interactive Festival bring good traffic to the website not only, but also the spread of the brand in the invisible, for our webmaster is to shoot two hawks with one arrow.

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