How to get rid of the plight of network marketing

thanks for Tencent, Baidu and China million website, let Chinese netizens began to constantly polymerization, produce a hitherto unknown commercial value; and the commercial value, but also to attract different sectors of small business owners began to test the water network, mining their own wealth treasure land of new hope for in this golden. But many people do not know, the Internet is actually a bottomless arena, even the quagmire. As an aspiring horse will be feeling the abundance of grassland fertile, but once into it, we will find that this is just a piece of bone swamp.

the best of times, but also the worst

300 million people gathered in front of the computer screen, every day for the virtual world to contribute a steady stream of wealth; no one can deny the Internet brought about by the wealth myth and their heroes.

in the wild, however, the hero is always a minority. Chibi is called by the name of Zhu Geliang, Cao Cao and others, however the bloody battlefield is countless ordinary soldiers. In the Internet age, you are faced with a wide range of sources, but also you are facing a more brutal competition. Because there is no geographical restrictions, you are not only to face the competition with area and face pressure from the Internet, and the Internet, your competition is almost no borders.

Internet era, perhaps the best of times, but perhaps the worst.

Internet is a kind of cognition and learning

in Guangzhou Jane beauty network consultant Mo wild past experience, to those of the Internet in people, and most people by the Internet is the story of the edification; in their eyes, but Amazon is a river of the American continent, and the Alibaba is an era of legend. They may not know the Amazon site can be regarded as a coordinate in the history of the Internet, but they are very clear that a man named Ma Yun and his team made a very simple thing to make the most profitable career.

networks do to people and businesses with the convenience of trading, has generated many unique and profitable business model; but all of this, along with the development and popularization of Internet, become abnormal fluctuations.

ten years ago, you need to talk to a person to explain why your Internet Co can make money; and in the next ten years, you need to explain is how your company to make money on the internet. Because in today’s Internet world, there may be hundreds of thousands of websites with your kind.

early Internet market development, more is a kind of cognition; you must realize that you are creating a new but promising business model, have enough confidence to win the future. And now, rooted in the Internet, more is a learning; learning to the Internet, to learn from your competitors, learn from your team.

the Internet, the era of a man fighting over

many people just know that an English teacher made China’s largest BTOB e-commerce platform, but do not know this

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