Do not send hot bar shop black Attention is not the ultimate purpose of event marketing

June 8th is not April Fool’s Day is not a children’s day, Wei long spicy Tmall flagship store has opened a joke than everyone else, causing numerous media attention and comment analysis. The first is the noon of June 8th, Wei long food Tmall flagship store a BANNER map "spoof" black bottom rubrication large pictures, and then sold to replace the adorable cool expression package. A sense of the person all know, this is a self event marketing, and the businesses involved Wei long food eventually has to be recognized. Pilot baldgood breakdown of the recent events of every kind of marketing, from UNIQLO to Ye Liangchen, wife to the herd to raise 6 yuan a Malatang, various businesses do their best to find the hot competition, no hot events have made. It is known, the event marketing operation well can really attract many attention, then



triggered concern is the direct purpose of event marketing

there is no doubt that the direct purpose of event marketing is to cause concern, attention to the public is also the basis for the success of events to determine whether the mark. The marketing event triggered concern traffic burst table, Wei long petite, the most successful is the UNIQLO event. We do not analyze whether this self, not to judge whether this is contrary to the morals. From the selected topic, planning to spread, detonated a series of practices, is indeed a very successful operation. This also brings a revelation to us, the premise of event marketing must be familiar to the human nature. The breakdown of those successful event marketing, which is not built on the success on the basis of the human nature of



flow conversion is the short-term purpose of event marketing

triggered concern is just the beginning, for many companies, the flow is the purpose of transformation. Internet hot events emerge in an endless stream, attention will continue to shift, no matter what kind of event marketing, which has a timeliness problem. In fact, event marketing is not too profound to be understood, we often see such as "the boss run away, discounted goods" is a kind of It is quite common for event marketing, there are countless various miserable miserable Street beggars, the story itself is a compilation of event marketing. It’s just that we’re all the same. Look back at the incident occurred just Ma apologized, why mention Jingdong, an event PR marketing.


brand PR is the ultimate purpose of event marketing

no matter what kind of event marketing, the highest level of its operation to remove run silent, there is the brand of public relations and reputation to enhance. Years of observing network marketing, event marketing operation pilot Bo King believes that the most successful, than the 2008 earthquake in Wenchuan "long Wang Laoji herbal tea" event (the year Wang Laoji, is now jiaduobao, once in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake donations 1 hundred million, not limited to the picture detail). Not only in

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