Ways to promote web sites and several important ways

site! The next thing to do what? – website promotion, website promotion is to bring out our, let more visitors to visit our website, so as to make our website students return on my experience here!! the first on the site before the promotion, site optimization, optimization to ensure the site itself, page structure and content, the site structure and layout adjustment, make the website more suitable for browsing and search engines. Not only because it can attract more visitors, more is given to search robot friendly page, in order to increase the importance of the site in all kinds of search and directory. Second, the need to investigate and analyze the source of the site’s visitors, of course, as well as competitors website. To fight the enemy.

please see the site of the main source of visitors:

search engine: 86.6%

links to other sites: 64.3%

friends, classmates, colleagues: 54.8%

email: 28.3%

users: 28.8%

magazine: 28.0%

web site Daquan books such as: 18.1%

radio and television: 12.6%

outdoor advertising: 9.7%

Directory: 3.6%

others: 0.6%

from the above statistics can be seen, the most important way to promote the site is the search engine. To the search engine web site filling, improve site visits, you can quickly expand visibility. There are thousands of search engines in the world, but I don’t think it’s necessary to register every search engine. Because 80% of the site’s visit comes from more than and 10 of the world’s top 80% search engines. Now in Chinese users using Google, the highest rate of search engine Baidu search, Yahoo, 3721, etc.. Search engines such as Google, companies do not have to worry about how to add the site inside, because these sites use software to automatically search the web page. We need to do is according to the requirements of the search engine, as far as possible to optimize the site, in order to make your site in the search results in the rankings as far as possible. As for Yahoo, such as the classification of the directory search engine, you need to rely on the user to manually submit registration information, and rely on the search engine administrator to increase the number of indexes. For this kind of search engine, we must according to the key words of the spelling and search habits, submit effective keywords and keyword combination. Therefore, we must do a good job in these search engines on the login.


and other sites to establish a link is an important part of the website promotion, this mutually beneficial cooperation can achieve access to more

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