What are the specific practices of tracking and extrapolating

any industry there is a competitor, especially we do SEO is no exception, competitors are squeezed out of the crisis is everywhere. Sometimes we spent a long time to do up the rankings, not a few days before being pushed down the opponent, who put this matter have depressed. So we have to maintain a good site at the same time it takes some time to track the extrapolated income rankings in order to make timely adjustments to the program.

in fact, the tracking of the rankings included not only live in our timely find problems, but also can quickly understand the promotion strategy and promotion methods. Let’s take a good example of this. Sometimes, we meet this situation sometimes.

A competitor of

was no longer considering the scope of us suddenly won the ranking, but also in front of us, which we usually feel very confused, do not want to understand they are ranked by what kind of method, this extrapolation tracking what I said above included rankings to play an important role, through the analysis of their ratings, we can find their promotion and competitive advantage from it, and then think of a way to go beyond them.

so, how to track the extrapolated included rankings?

is now a lot of system platform or promotion software has the function of tracking the rankings included. For example, cloud network marketing at Shanghai science and technology development claw analysis management system platform has the function, not only can be used to query the survival, promotion links included, rankings, but also through the intelligent cloud processing system of keywords occupying status, competition situation, news source information, effective competition situation the platform status, effective news source status, "the competition situation analysis, to help owners to quickly find the rankings method.

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