On how to understand and grasp the focus of enterprise marketing

is the enterprise production in order to sell the product, you need to lead the marketing war, the whole process is a set of system, then this content and theory involved too deeply, our main goal is to grasp the profound truth in simple language. The purpose of marketing is to obtain profits through marketing to bring more sales, marketing came into being, I am not against some decision-making and execution is summarized the focus of enterprise marketing, but I think the marketing should adapt to market demand, development direction close to the market, only to see clear the market, to the enterprise marketing well strategizing will continue to carry out, which ultimately think twice before making any decisions. In my opinion, the focus of enterprise marketing is to understand the market, the more thorough, the greater the probability of success.

first, why do you want to know the market? Understanding the market relationship and marketing? Although not a direct relationship, but the two have very deep antecedents and consequences. If you do not have a clear understanding of the market, then the so-called decision making and execution of the more beautiful, is the direction of the error, perhaps it will lose all, the result is fatal. Because only taking into account the realization that we will not make such strategic mistakes. The market is a domain of this thing, also belong to in this sell well, there is not, why is this? Do not need to clearly understand the market? How your products to adapt to the market, is not the priority among priorities of enterprise marketing! All marketing activities are in the to complete the market, from the market is on the paper to boast, but also perform well? So, enterprises need a strong think-tank team to understand the market, understand the market, to seize every opportunity.

secondly, the understanding of market errors found in time to correct. There are more ways to understand the market, the early research and analysis, the intermediate substance of the investigation, the post sales feedback, etc., can seize the general trend of the market. Another problem, and sometimes the market is volatile, and sometimes the market will be saturated, it is not easy to find, so in the test of the enterprise’s marketing ability. According to the enterprise product structure, its consumer groups, marketing mode and so on will change with the market and adjust accordingly, in this process, if there is a mistake on the overall situation, also can make quick adjustments, only in this way, the error can get timely correction, in order to better the healthy growth of enterprises. Therefore, marketing is a process of exploration and discovery, can not guarantee that no detours, not the wrong way, but through the understanding of the market can avoid this mistake.

of course, corporate marketing is to bold innovation. Many enterprises in the marketing is too indecisive, afraid of failure, do not dare open arms, blindly increasing stability, often may slip away too many opportunities for development. Because the marketing competition is cruel, you will kindly others devour, as long as the enterprise marketing toward the market, keep a clear mind and comprehensive understanding of time, not really recognize the true face of the market before, not before the next node.

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