Transformation of traditional enterprises have seen the re creation of the three models

the last two or three years is undoubtedly the mobile Internet fast year. We have witnessed the millet with unprecedented speed so that all opponents came, Baidu witnessed unprecedented numbers to make the acquisition of full of imagination, witnessed the Tencent with unprecedented determination for a footnote to the revolution. When Internet companies have attracted considerable attention in the stage at the same time, another revolution is full of smoke behind the scenes are cruel. That is the transformation of traditional enterprise internet.

said that they are not only the traditional, they do not have hardware, they do not net, but their patterns than Internet companies to be heavy, their history than Internet companies to be thick, they care than Internet companies to strong. They have had a brilliant, but in the face of unstoppable tide of mobile Internet, they fell into a loss, struggling. They call operators, called financial institutions, called chain stores, called software companies……

they want to change, but they also fear. As a popular language said: the transition is not to die, the transition is to court death, but at least there is a slim chance of survival. With the desire for a slim chance of survival, they hit the road.

as a consultant, I came into contact with many of the traditional enterprises in 2013, but also to see and participate in some specific transformation projects. Frankly, I understand the traditional enterprise, the understanding of the mobile Internet is not worse than the number of Internet companies. The need for transformation has long been no need to discuss the importance of the product and user experience has become a top priority. But the reality is always too skinny, the transformation effect of the project still nanjinrenyi. An adage: as also Xiao He, Xiao He also lost. Forging a successful model can no longer be used in the mobile Internet era. To be successful, like WeChat, is not just a matter of determination, but also a need to re create the pattern.

is the first decision making model. Traditional enterprises pay more attention to the traditional quality than today’s Internet companies. Such as the Beta version of the eternal, sales engineer, the edge of the online side of these patches in the Internet companies in the normal behavior of traditional enterprises are almost crazy suicidal behavior. Therefore, they are more conservative management, the need for more decision-making process to prevent the emergence of quality risk. But the connotation of the quality of the popularity of the mobile Internet is also constantly expanding. Today’s quality is not only the quality of the traditional sense, but also includes the quality of the design, the quality of innovation, the quality of differentiation…… The traditional decision-making model will pay more attention on the quality of the traditional risk control, while ignoring the outer edge to enhance the quality of compensatory role can be generated, so innovation is difficult in the traditional decision-making mode, product consciously to tend to return to conservative direction. Only aware of the management of the product fineness Management (micro-managing) is no longer applicable to the mobile Internet era, the traditional enterprise is likely to accelerate the pace of transformation to accelerate. Although it will inevitably pull to this, but this is the natural experience of transformation.

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