Do the 10 basic steps of content marketing

current Internet marketing, a very important point is how to better deliver the content to our audience. From the content of our products, brands, core values passed out. This process, are inseparable from the quality of content. So today to share with you the next 10 steps need to take the next marketing.

1) focus on specific populations

why do I mention to specialize in specific groups? In theory, any business under the audience can be very wide (such as cosmetics, but also can be sold to a man) resources and your audience to understand the degree is not the same. So one must delineate your focus value customers, maybe your product can be sold to A, B, C, but really the most suitable crowd is D. For the ABCD of the 4 groups in terms of mining or you have to really go to delineate the D population, rather than spreading to the 4 person group, because the core audience of the sales value.

second points, as far as possible to narrow the scope of investment. As mentioned earlier, the same promotion of funds and manpower is limited. When you choose the D crowd, you want to deploy your promotion strategy according to the characteristics of the D population, D population such as the elderly, do not search engine, not to Pinyin, they could only watch TV program purchase order by telephone. At that time you will know that they are using this information acquisition channels, you want to narrow the channels in addition to this input, so as to put energy into this channel, so that your efforts and accuracy of the promotion will be better.

third, know their shopping path. Different people’s shopping path will change, in general, they are in some way in the acquisition of information, processing information, feedback in different ways. For example to your brand is unknown; the next is through your advertising to understand you, know the X brand to sell a thing; if the product or service meets the demand point when he might have a corresponding interest; interest on behalf of the intention that will have power to than price, look at your good reputation; finally become a sales opportunity will fall. This is one of our traditional shopping behavior characteristics in different paths, so the path of your ABCD people what is the difference in where, you must know through them, you will know what is the original demand for them, what is the point of pain, really care about is what.

2) using a professional editor

at work, we can find that the contents of the small partners around the basic are not professional, he may be in charge of some other things, when you want to update the content, we take turns to update. As can be imagined such content marketing is cramming, impossible for enterprises to improve efficiency in this way. So if companies need to really carry out content marketing must use professional editors. These people should have the following qualities:

class collaboration and editing capabilities, because the Internet content is not fiction. A person makes up for himself, but needs

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