How to choose their own webmaster network promotion

            each webmaster want to let a lot of people know their website to log on to the site, bring a lot of traffic but also bring income. These are the webmaster dream. How can a new station achieve the dream state? The webmaster to do? I think everyone know to do promotion, how to do network promotion, to which promotion? I believe that many owners have to worry about such things.

webmaster network ( Wen Yang believes that the promotion of each site is not stereotyped, each site should be targeted to their own website to promote the planning program. In fact, in the network, there are many SEO everyone to share their experience, let the newbies learn a lot of ways and promotion methods, here I will not do more.

know promotion way, the rest is the webmaster began to do the promotion, in fact, every website do not like other webmasters promotion and said so easy, many webmaster should know the hardships of website promotion. Many webmaster wrote the soft Wen recommended by the webmaster way to publish in their own major blogs and forums, but the click rate is still very low, even no effect. That should be how to do? How can you make your soft Wen propaganda get good returns and benefits?

1, a good idea

a good article needs to have a good idea, a good way of propaganda. Despite the literary grace, in every webmaster write text, why other webmaster soft can be published in the Sohu, Sina, A5 and other large web sites, and could soon be Baidu, Google included. And also the head of the day is also trying to write the manuscript, but only in their own blog, forum of hair, no one see no one replies. Finally the man replies, that is AD or running account.

actually is a problem in the station to write original, not a good idea, a soft writing must be from the perspective of readers, not only to promote themselves, or their more powerful, one month or three days to earn money, how much traffic. This article can only temporarily attract readers, no one will remember. So the webmaster in writing the article must share some of their own experience, talk about some useful things for others, will make the reader deep memory!

2, a good site

this is a good site is not to say that the webmaster are now doing their own stand, but that the webmaster in writing a soft Wen to choose a good web site submission, and not what famous website can cast. Sina, the Sohu’s blog every day a lot of traffic, and it can be independent, no editors, simple and convenient. But as a webmaster have not thought about these blog sites, filled with too much information and articles unrelated to the webmaster, emotional topic seems to be the most attractive readers to browse the blog. >

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