Taobao customer promotion means to make use of hot events traffic

Hello everyone, I am a little joke, today to share with you how to use popular keywords do traffic. Have done similar tests before, have been more successful. Now do stand more and more difficult, the appropriate use of popular keyword strategy can not only capture a lot of traffic, but also greatly enhance the confidence and enthusiasm of the station do stand. This is a search engine with the real thing, the "struggle", fight hand to hand with the bucket is the head of the wisdom and ability to improvise. OK, I will now experience and practices summarized as follows, for reference to the Webmaster:

1, selected site

here is called the site you release content platform. Can be a blog, post bar or forum, etc., mainly to see what your purpose is. In general, in their own independent station release is the best, the best thing to say is that these flows can be fully utilized, rather than to stand alone and included rankings must be good. Of course, you have a very high weight and Baidu update faster station, then you will have the best battlefield. Visible, the weight is high or update fast platform is the first choice, as long as this is to ensure that your article was included in a timely manner and get a better ranking, otherwise all efforts are in vain.



so-called master information is to grasp the initiative. For example, you want to popularize this Taobao keyword shop, you must pay more attention to the wings and 0 male events have brother trading grasp more clearly, can you. In fact, these information do not have to go to understand, and sometimes it can turn, you are more popular on the topic of the recent hot topics, you can do this keyword.

3, seize the opportunity

is the master of information at the same time also saw the opportunity to say you rely on the words "0 male trade event" flow, difficulty is great, the effect is not ideal. In the case of 0 trading men, we should seize the key events of each Taobao event as an opportunity to attack, it has targeted.

4, the shot when the shot

this does not need to say too much, do not hesitate to choose the right time. For example, you do in the day and after a few days to do the effect is far from. So the action should be fast, usually in the news that night to start planning well, and began to promote.

5, the word to be precise

keyword selection is very important, because our traffic is from the user search. To choose it is half the battle. We should choose some of the key words derived from the long tail keywords, here will involve the most popular keyword prediction analysis. This is the most skilled, zhikeyihui but can not explain in words, it mainly depends on you to grasp the degree of user search habits. In short, important keywords mining, mining is how to make good use of some tools, such as Baidu search list, Google hot list, Baidu search tips drop-down box and so on, this is not the only one.


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