Talking about the operation mode of QQ space

we know that now from the media business model has a lot, we have a lot of white just entered the industry when it is relatively vague, do not know what they should do. Maybe we think which one is more interesting, but not every one is suitable for us. So we need to choose what we are interested in, and then continue to study in this one. For QQ space and WeChat micro-blog speaking, we need is the amount of visits, fans, so if we are good at promoting this piece of fans, then we do these are very developed.

now I contact the main WeChat micro-blog and QQ space. Three some people will probably think that in addition to WeChat accident, the other two are you how to operate it? What is the profit? Then I today to tell you about our QQ space is how to operate.

we need to do in the early stages of the space is the content, the amount of friends, then these two we seem to be very simple, but the actual operation is more difficult.

1. Spatial access

When it comes to visit

space, we may think this space traffic will need what the right? We may be some personal friends, each made of a talk about the traffic there are hundreds of thousands, this is large? I would say it is, because there are many friends are asking. When people ask you what to do is to promote it? I said QQ space, the other side will immediately ask, your space has never been sent to talk about how to promote marketing drunk. This more than one person asked, and many people do the Internet so ask. The main reasons are the following two points:

1 everyone has QQ, there is no concept of space promotion

2 network on the space to promote less

3 time problem, now the fire is WeChat

in my opinion, now the promotion effect is good, and the WeChat QQ space, now we rely on WeChat to promote as long as we are true fans, so we are able to achieve the desired effect, the second is the QQ space. We know that the promotion effect of QQ space why there will be no change, mainly:

(1) large number of user groups

we know, QQ space to rely on so many years of accumulation of users, has a large number of user groups. It can be said that after 70 of us -00 each person has at least one QQ, if there is no out. Now we would like to ask how much contact is your QQ number or how much the phone, this is our friends artifact.

(2) people develop the habit of

now we have a common name is the mobile phone party, and even friends when they eat together on the provisions of the phone on the side, who will pay the first to play on the phone. This is what caused, not on

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