How to make your emails go viral

in December 24th, when most people pray to celebrate the holiday, once the news topic of Rolle’s daughter Luo smile died, news, small series can not help but hold a tears of sympathy, I wish all the way to heaven smile without pain. Since Rolle in online writing about her daughter sick since it quickly won the attention of netizens and participate in forwarding, a large number of reward the forwarding number drop from the clouds, amazing. Skim the emotional factors, as marketers, we can say that this is actually achieved viral marketing effect. We do email marketing, actually feel that the best effect of marketing than let your target readers help you to spread the initiative, leveraging the power of effortless, after a personal power is limited, and millions of people will gather a torrent of water.

the most difficult thing in the world is to make your products, ideas, and behaviors invade your client’s brain like a virus. To achieve viral transmission, U-Mail email marketing expert Liu Gong said:

one with the help of the word of mouth spread.

two is the Internet event hype. For example, millet fans spread ", HUAWEI’s" Rice noodles "pollen" this is the successful cultivation of user stickiness examples, but the Internet hype events such as "typical which excavator strong piece, bucket challenge etc..

how to better help spread Liu workers to provide us with a few suggestions:

a, according to the characteristics of popular superstition authority

can be a number of authoritative experts, well-known institutions, media and other companies on the product / service identification, evaluation, awards and other collections, attached to the mass mail, can enhance the persuasiveness.

two, the company’s Web site, the user community, from the media, such as discussion and message

has some pertinent evaluation and detailed description or use experience, some even with very convincing, marketers to collect such content, bulk mail to the target customers, these grassroots users make it easier for customers to generate a sense of substitution, to narrow the distance.

three, storytelling, human nature is like to listen to the story

this is what psychologists have studied since the evolution of the ancient ape. Humans have a peek, love adventures, gossip often spread very quickly. So marketers can use animation, comics and other means, to write the story for the brand, brand personification, inject ideas and personal characteristics, can be a beautiful romantic legend, can also be a strenuous inspirational story, or stay adorable funny forced anecdotes…… If this kind of story is full of communication value, readers will often consciously take the initiative to share the circle of friends. For example, a leisure food store, two adorable monkey funny design for their brand, tells the story of the bizarre encounter two monkeys from the mountains to the city, each comic used U-Mail mail message to the customer, very popular, driven by brand communication.

four, good at

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