Do SEO the most profitable website

recently, suddenly found that the recent webmaster class website, to discuss the topic of the SEO more, and the first two months out of several times. And there are a lot of people are considering how to use SEO technology to make money.

today more typical site type finishing a little, share for you reference. I hope all of you help!

1: adult information class

a lot of people would believe this is a good idea. Because this is a lot of Internet users like to peep. There is a group of friends to do a stand, is completely mimic the colorful Valley, the source of goods from a local entity store goods, a month sales of about thirty thousand. Profits can reach 80%. If you do this site, but also to combine local sources, should be much higher than the GG income. And this kind of site is permitted by law. You can do one of these products alone, through the SEO should be easy to get rankings in Baidu.

two: lottery / Liuhe color class

Baidu or Google search Liuhe color, will find a lot of sites, such as Hongkong, color All stations are advertising. But according to a group of friends to know that this simple site, a year advertising revenue can reach one million. Because of the nature of the color of Liuhe itself, attracting a large number of Internet users, it is clear that the information is false, but still willing to invest hundreds of dollars. In fact, lottery and Liuhe color site does not have specific legal provisions are not allowed to do. It is said that a lot of Liuhe color site is a professional SEO in the manipulation.

three: game class

repeated, a big aspect of the formation of the explosion of the server. From 02 years of legendary miracle appeared, then 04 years down there. The country has been fighting, but it’s not going to die. Because a lot of people risk. We know that the law is illegal. But doing it advertising station, not so heavy guilt. And the investment is not high. In the Baidu search for new love, two were randomly selected, such as KKK love and love network, you can check the site related information. Did not make special optimization, as if there is no professional SEO to contact the industry. Most people wonder is above love network in title have a "home" to do keyword.

four: star fans station

, we don’t believe this, but it’s true. Because the fans are crazy, but most are young people, consumption ability is very strong. According to the requirements of his friends, the site does not be, Jay Chou is doing fans station. In fact, he himself is very annoying to the singer. But he put his rankings up, although not yet

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