A network of five steps of the housekeeper beautiful micro law powerful micro blog

with the rapid development of the Internet, the majority of businesses will gradually force marketing from the entity store and print ads transfer to the Internet, and micro-blog is Internet users are most concerned about the information sharing platform, network marketing is hitherto unknown in machine. How to seize this opportunity to develop micro-blog, revitalize the electricity supplier’s own micro-blog force to make it play a more powerful force in the field of network marketing, electricity providers have to think about the problem. Xi’an’s famous network marketing experts – a housekeeper in the long-term cooperation in the competition has accumulated a wealth of micro-blog marketing experience and skills, summed up the five step of the network a good micro method.

network, a housekeeper believes that the unique characteristics of micro-blog marketing determines the characteristics of its propaganda and strategy.

[beautiful copy]

micro-blog copy fine, accurate, easy. Micro-blog copy 140 words within the limits of its fine, accurate, easy to copy features. From the operational level, micro-blog is the only content of fine, attractive, unambiguous statement is accurate and easy to understand, in order to attract the attention of netizens, in every minute to talent shows itself hundreds of thousands of micro-blog, and the micro-blog must be talent shows itself accurately convey the information needed. In addition, the attractiveness of attraction, a large enterprises want to establish their own brand style, we must penetrate the brand concept in the text, the formation of their own business with the micro-blog style.

[Liang classification]

micro-blog content full angle radiation. In order to avoid the single enterprise micro-blog content and attract fans, you can set different columns, such as a steward of the micro-blog content network is divided into "a Q & A, a network news eye, a case, a network survey, a network share Festival" and so on, a lot of injected fresh blood for flexible content the enterprise can adapt to the changing variety of micro-blog, micro-blog focus, to attract more public attention.

[beautiful technique]

micro-blog technology use. Micro-blog is a real-time information release platform, always have a new micro-blog, contains a commercial value of micro-blog to grab everyone’s attention in a certain period of time, the use of some techniques and writing techniques that will play a multiplier effect, emphasis on skills such as punctuation "[] ##", emoticons, related pictures, attractive Title etc.. A housekeeper found in the long-term operation of micro-blog, containing "[] ##" and relevant pictures and expressions of micro-blog attention is much higher than that without these elements and text copy techniques should be a common topic of concern as a primer to be remarkable in imperceptible.

[beautiful control]

frequency and forward control. A company of micro-blog not three days fishing, two days of the net or randomly sent this micro-blog to hardly make what fans, not to mention the effect of publicity and marketing network, a butler believes that micro-blog should ensure that 30 minutes is updated, and each should be based on micro-blog in >

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