DC Review Network December 2012 national DC brand list

IDC China Review Network 01 reported on 04 may: according to a recent review of IDC network data show that in 2012 December, the national IDC brand attention index Top10 rankings, Chinese million net, Lanxun CDN and vianet again in the top three. The indexes were 1625955, 1567155 and 1517769, respectively.


(Figure 1:2012 December national IDC brand attention index TOP10)

is shown in Figure 1, December, the national IDC brand attention index of the top ten are: China million net, Lanxun CDN, Century Internet, telecom, Xinwanghulian, Western Digital, resources, dnion, 35 Internet and Internet era.


(Figure 2:2012 December national IDC brand attention index TOP10)

as shown in Figure 2, in December, the IDC brand index of concern showed an upward trend. Among them, 10 thousand nets Lanxun rose 1674, CDN rose 1102, Century Internet rose 879, up 1231 Telecom etc..

IDCps comments: compared with the previous month, the IDC brand rankings have not changed much, but the index of concern are on the rise. Among them, Chinese civilink rose the most, Western Digital times. According to the current IDC market, civilink still lead the domestic market.

main selection basis: IDC Review Network (referred to as: IDCps) is currently the only one to provide IDC service providers comprehensive ranking service portal. As long as the idcps site on the IDC business members, you can get free IDC business rankings and other information display services, the overall ranking of the business by the total score from high to low automatically arranged display.

attention index refers to the IDC and integrated business concern pageviews normalization score, the score consists of its corporate performance, brand awareness, media evaluation to occupy 40%, the remaining 60% of the score by users evaluation and. The list released once a month, the Chinese IDC market has a certain significance.

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