The new trend of marketing on the new advertising law after take off the hat talk

to say who in September to the latest headlines, non advertising law is. Is the history of the most stringent advertising law, since the introduction has become an important subject in advertising, focusing on new friends joking advertising law is "this is not to say that it is not to say"; insiders also indicates that the advertising industry "eight system" will come; of course there are some "not too big, the hand piece marketing team playing the edge ball…… Don’t try to think Yu containing "provocative" new advertising law, whether on business or advertisers are dangerous, but also not a sense of responsibility of the enterprises and individuals in the face of new changes in the attitude. The introduction of new regulations is indeed a big shock to the industry, how to develop the new advertising marketing? Yu believes that the real intention is to understand the new early advertising law, more can as soon as possible to help enterprises to find the state continued to develop steadily, in short, is to take off the hat talk.

new advertising law in the end is not "it does not say that it does not say"?. Advertising is not the "largest", "first" and "first choice" and other restrictions on the new advertising law is not good advertising?. The new advertising law is to protect the fact that the contrary is false". What is the fact that a certain brand has the authority of the industry data certification, indeed in a certain period of time to do the first sales of the industry, the first is the protection of advertising law, can be advertised. What is "false" is that there is no evidence to prove the fact that, in itself, is not the first and the first publicity, this is the advertising law to crack down on. So in the "what to say" before the first is to clear their own "what" is not determined to resort to deceit.

as the famous advertising Luose · Reeves said: "a commercial success is the product itself." Good product should not rely on the "top hat" propaganda, word-of-mouth is the best advertising. With new advertising propaganda meet the eye everywhere the case, I believe that friends have long been concerned, analysis of some occasion difference here Yu Hanju two typical examples. First look at the camel men’s shoes in Tmall’s flagship store on the publicity, in other enterprises, the camel shoes quickly to seize the new theme of the advertising law, making "True gold does not fear fire" propaganda point, not only for the new advertising law correct understanding and support, also achieved a strong propaganda of its own brand. This is a positive experience for advertisers and companies. On the contrary, some brands play word games, "the" pole "and" super "and other words to limit fuzzy to still recognize the extent of the surface is dressed in camouflage entertainment publicity, is actually playing edge ball with the law, this is should be a warning" dangerous action ", enterprises do not defy the law.


the new advertising law, Yu thought to contribute to the rational regression of ads. Early advertising focus on the "product", from the product advantages of deep excavation, to achieve the effect of creative advertising, with the development of advertising, the focus of advertising gradually from the product to the consumer "mind"