On the network marketing of liquor industry in 2014 four

every marketing era has its character, and the lifeblood of business owners will seize the vision of personality in each marketing era, keep pace with the times, even for its own brand enterprises, bring the new vitality and the fate of the turning point. Liquor industry in the past few years has begun to face the cold winter crisis, but also need to seize the opportunities of the times. After a year of mergers and acquisitions, to weak, we can see that the road of the brand liquor industry expansion, the market gradually standardized, making consumers’ brand trust and dependence degree, but in between the brand and the brand choice is more and more difficult. So today, Liu Yu came to talk to you, how to make your brand stand out, to help consumers make choices, and the formation of brand loyalty.

is now the most urgent need to understand the needs of small and medium business owners is the network marketing clearance password. The huge network, can be said to be full of sentiment and Unlimited Business Opportunities marketing platform, whether the brand in this troubled occupation heights? Why liquor marketing network password? Here you are Liu Yu with a few key words: system planning, maintenance, dissemination of accurate, efficient creation.

1, through system planning, to create the "they" in the minds of the leading brands.

liquor brand determines the size of the market, and the fate of the enterprise. Then in 2014, the liquor market should hit "what? Who are they? First of all we saw was a key factor in liquor sales decline is the government spending is limited, this is a high-end liquor key shipping channels. After the limited brand began to compete for private consumption channels, increasing the difficulty of competition in this market. There is competition, there is a market. Small and medium enterprises in the face of the liquor market has been carved up the trend, there must be a sense of crisis, and even more efforts to compete for this piece of fat, build a leading brand to enhance market image, establish a position. So, what channels of private consumption, which is facing the group characteristics of their consumption behavior? How are they young? 70, 80 generation, low consumption, love from the reference on the network opinion, the most important is they love fresh, the courage to try and love to follow. This is an important reason for liquor companies have set foot in electricity sales and network communication path.

development of the system before the network communication program, we must first give a clear positioning of the product, followed by the official website and the construction of electronic business platform. Online and offline sales outlets, from the website design, product display, customer service, preferential policies for the brand’s reputation and key factors to give consumers the impression. And then to develop a detailed communication plan, how to guide the target consumer awareness of the product through continuous and explosive dissemination, and gradually deepen the goodwill, to become a loyal purchasing power. The following Liu Yu will be included in the specific implementation details.

2, continuously updated business / product information, network marketing is not three days fishing nets two days of drying.

network platform information update speed, you do not marketing, it is natural to enlarge the role of marketing gradually replace your position. The competitive pressure faced by liquor is not only