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The five basic needs of

general servant is progressive, before the low level needs are not met, high levels of need is not generated. For example, a still small ordinary white-collar subsistence struggling hard to produce the need for self realization, for a small white-collar workers like this, you can meet him out to the self realization of "super leadership" course is not reliable. But we must note that this order will have exceptions, such as in the Anti Japanese War, because of the special environment, also can produce the need for self realization in the security needs of the revolutionary martyrs and even the basic physiological needs have not been met, it is worthy to study. Here’s something deeper.

(1) desire

The popular understanding of the term "

" can be as follows: the desire to get something specific. This is a concept in more depth step, has risen to a specific commodity. When people have a basic need, will go according to their own habits, according to their own circumstances, accept education, their personality characteristics and other aspects, have a certain interest in a certain satisfaction specific, want to get the product or service.

desire to need difference, need is cannot be changed and the creation of the basic human needs and desires that; different people have the same basic needs, concrete satisfaction might want will produce relatively large differences according to the influence of various internal and external factors. For example, when people feel hungry, is a basic victory, at this time, some people will want to use Steamed Rice to eat, some people want to use the noodles to eat, some people may want to eat beef. Similarly, on the Internet, people have the basic needs of society, but it will take a different approach to meet themselves, some people will choose SNS, some people will choose IM, some people will choose micro-blog.

(2) demand

The concept of

demand can be expressed in terms of a basic formula in marketing: demand = purchasing desire + purchasing power, the desire to be able to buy and willing to buy a particular product. Among them, willing to buy refers to the desire to buy; ability to buy refers to the purchasing power. Many people want to have a luxury car, but only a few people have the ability to buy. The purpose of marketing is not only to stimulate the desire of consumers, but also to stimulate customers to buy products. Enterprises should study the purchasing power of consumers to provide a relatively appropriate product to meet their needs.

we can see from the above, the demand must be a desire, but the desire is not necessarily demand, desire only to meet certain conditions (purchasing power) can be transformed into effective demand.

(3) product

is the so-called product, where we can be understood as a means to meet the needs and desires of human beings. But this means not only