Write soft Wen must not forget to write to your direct customer base

now do industry website promotion friends will not forget the soft Wen promotion, hair in the webmaster station. Indeed, this will bring a lot of traffic, but it is difficult for me to think of these flows eventually settling down even further to become a registered member or members pay how much, I believe the last few or no. For example, I do bump exhibition nets is aimed at the relevant enterprises to the exhibition industry, and the webmaster nets see article friends most of website operation, website planning, website promotion, even if the exhibition nets is just a bump on the site for research, see, how could eventually become the enterprise member precipitation. So, I think to write soft Wen must not forget to write to your direct customer service group.

do industry website promotion most friends write text is all some of the related websites, rarely write industry related, because we know the most of these web site operators do and website promotion or the IT industry, few other industries really know, even if we are doing an industry website now, so to write industry technical articles or research paper that is really difficult. I do in the process of bump exhibition nets, although in the planning of site of exhibition industry research a lot, but also can write web pre text, that only is the introduction of some traffic, conversion to users of the site did not help, therefore, only down to spend more time to do business after a period of learning, catching up, is also able to write the exhibition of articles, such as: Thinking on some business hall exhibition — exhibit transportation and quality services to attract exhibitors, exhibitors and exhibition venues such as how to choose, let alone can have much good, at least in the the exhibition forum, was part of the flow, the user conversion rate or a certain growth. And these articles can also be used as the site’s original article, the rich content of the site also has some help.

so, I think to write the soft Wen to both hands, in addition to the webmaster stand on the site of the soft Wen, also don’t forget to give you the direct user groups to write industry soft. The process may be difficult, but the effect is obvious.


above is only for discussion and statements of a school, do you, don’t scold don’t scold.

is now doing industry Web site, I do some of the methods used in the process to explore with you, I began to use QQ group promotion, but self QQ group. See what I used to write – the site did not become QQ group.

this article source: bump exhibition network (http://s.aorta-show.com) reproduced please indicate!

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