The interactive website review mode stride forward singing militant songs

        Baidu recently tried to search a few famous restaurant in Qingdao, found that for the same restaurant information, there are a lot of websites, and do the same, these sites are divided into four categories:    

        the first is the gateway to the city community forum "delicacy restaurant" channel, is included in part by the netizen Initiative Program of "XX special delicacy incomplete manual", this part is those who love the delicacy users efforts, the number of written statements of a school. Fragmentary and interesting. The other part is the collection of the food channel of the city portal.    

        the second is a variety of restaurant information sharing sites, such as a network, ordering a secretary, Chinese search network, customer ordering meal search treasure, there is the city reservation website, mainly to provide restaurant discounts and booked a table of all kinds of information for users to search. Can also be scoring and complementary basic comments on these restaurants.    

        the third category is the interactive mode of comments on website, as the third party role, to build an open platform, to encourage users to spontaneously organize and comment on the various features of restaurants, focuses on the participation of users, such as, from net, net and daily life circle assessment. This is the focus of this paper, but also the focus of attention by the industry.

          the fourth is some classified information website also catering to delicacy as a breakthrough and focus, such as branch network and word-of-mouth network, these websites to provide users with a variety of life a large number of business information, open for users comments scoring hand in the characteristics of channel classification the function of.

      and when it comes to comments, there are two sites have to mention, one is watercress network, one is the public comment network. Because this is the founder and Chinese comment mode in Portland, which belongs to the older generation proletariat revolutionist.

      now the industry a lot of people admire Yang Bo Douban, using the original Flickr+Amazon+SNS model, so that the site was known as the "great tension user self-organizing of a new generation of social community". Many users have been fascinated by this application, where users have the power of a website editor, to achieve the true Web2.0 concept of openness and equality, mutual assistance and sharing.    

        with the same third points >

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