A century old poster so stunning seven

1969, "Uncanny in Cans" seven poster, "Kaleidoscope" girl’s eyes, designed by John Alcorn.


1969, " Butterfly & Bottle", "butterfly and bottle", designed by Pat Dypold.

1969, if you are driving on the highway to Woodstock, you will see the billboard two. Bright individuality, style psychedelic, especially the figurative elements of the poster: a girl’s hair in the dove of peace, flowers, the sun, the flag on a butterfly’s wings…… Remind one thing: that is the hippie era.

can be said that if there is no hippies exist, it may go "seven lemon soda, drink and stomach" mediocre way, I am afraid not today the seven.

as for the famous "non Cola", do you know how to come


at the end of 1960s, seven on the verge of bankruptcy, they are very clear, if you want to chase the market of young people, it is necessary to distinguish it from its rival Coca-Cola and pepsi. At that time, the anti war activities prevailed, the famous "we live in the United States, but we do not belong to the United States," so that "UnAmerica" has become the most popular cultural label for young people. Dare to defy authority, protesting against the war, say no to passive life, a little of the prefix un-, young people become deviant, pursuit of self is the most appropriate emotional vent. In this context, the J. Walter Thompson advertising company and HEDY shouted "Uncola" "non Cola" slogan.

results, a few years after the first UnCola advertising, their sales increased by 30%.


1969, Un& Un Is Too, Kim Whitesides design. In the picture, with the Beatles member John · and Paul · Lennon; Mccartney for two people playing their creation of the prototype 7UP bottle of magic guitar.


1969, "Turn Un", only half of the posters, slogans cited the words "Leary psychedelic guru Timothy Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out".


1969, is also a Pat Dypold in the Su> Un "works.

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