China’s nternet promotion difficult

General Secretary Hu Jintao said at the beginning, to effectively build a new generation of Internet, good use, good management. Carefully pondering, it sends an important information, Chinese is being built in our own internet. But who was it? How was it going? I knew nothing about it. A few months later, Hunan TV revealed that a new generation of Internet in Hunan, and built a demonstration network. I immediately contact with Hunan, the other confirmed that is true.

is not a book. I’m thinking of research in Hunan, Hunan network director Mr. Cheng Hengzhi came to see me, on the network, I was an outsider, utterly ignorant of, but the prospect of a new generation of the Internet, is very concerned about. The meeting, Mr. Cheng introduced me to the Chinese (decimal) Internet research and development, and simplify it, explained the difference between China and the United States to enable the use of a new generation of Internet internet. There are four points that I can understand.

is China’s independent research and development of a new generation of Internet (IPV9) than the second generation of the Internet (IPV6) has more IP addresses and domain names. Figuratively speaking, if the second generation of the Internet can give the earth every grain of sand to give the domain name, then China’s new generation of Internet, at least to each grain of sand can be assigned to the domain name 100.

two is now the Internet IP address distribution rights in the hands of the United States, waterside pavilion, Americans naturally take the lead. It is fantastic, currently assigned to China, IP address, the sum is less than the United States Stanford University. If China’s new generation of Internet enabled, we will be able to independently assign IP addresses, and become the second country after the United States has a network address ownership and distribution rights.

three is to maintain information security. As we all know, the current Internet 15 root node server, the 13 in the United States, one in the EU, one in Japan, and all controlled by the United states. All electronic information, all by the analysis, it can be said that the United States for the Internet, Chinese no secret insurable. On the contrary, if their Internet enabled, the root node in the Chinese server, which can parse the IPV9 domain, and is compatible with IPV4/IPV6, safe and reliable, convenient network.

four is the province of service costs. Allegedly, China’s annual payment to the United States to use the existing Internet and its equipment, software, the cost of more than 500 billion yuan, more than the number of China’s annual defense budget. And if we use our new generation of Internet services will be reduced to 1/10.

of Mr Cheng’s statements of a school I can not easily believe. Seeing is believing, at the beginning of September, my colleagues and I went to visit Hunan; on the end of the month, and I worked in the Economics Department of the Central Party school’s invitation to the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of information industry, the Ministry of Commerce and National University of Defense Technology officials and experts forum, a gathering of many people, the result is almost the same view that is advanced above suspicion doubt. China’s new generation of Internet, domestic users accustomed to American Internet, to switch to the new network promotion would be difficult.


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