See the way of network marketing from 12306 booking experience

12306 website upgrade on-line, the National People tucao. Some people even said that the use of the wages of the Martians, North Koreans work. Not to mention how the 12306 functions, it is the 12306 online booking system by some way Tucao events and network marketing have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. If everyone in the company’s products and brand promotion on the successful use of these methods believe that the product sales and brand promotion plays a very big role.

provides a user access to services or products

buy a ticket is the vast majority of our users must face the life of a thing. 12306 online booking system upgrade, a large number of users Tucao can be seen, we can come in contact with the services and products on a large extent to share. It’s like we share our experiences on the way to work with friends and colleagues. So if the products and services available to contact with the user, there is a real feeling, which will have the opportunity to be active user communication. For example, the initial 360 shows the boot speed, unfamiliar street and WeChat’s view of the surrounding people, are a large number of users active dissemination.

hunger marketing and fan culture, not only treasure

only can not get to know to cherish. 12306 booking system users Tucao most of the site can not log on, log in and the reality of the need to wait in line, but also may not be able to get the votes line up. This has caused you a ticket is hard situation. At the same time, I also know how successful it is to be a successful booking in 12306. On this booking product marketing, this is a typical hunger marketing. This is now available in Apple Corp mobile phone products and tablet PCs can be seen as successful examples. Of course, many companies are currently in use, such as millet, etc..

also found on the network a lot of technical men out of the 12306 fast booking Raiders get a large number of users to spread and reprint. From the point of view of the spread and influence, this is the impact of fan culture, such as apple powder on Apple’s various kinds of crack and experiment. Such a model many companies are borrowing.

beyond the user’s expectations and bring surprises to users

360 chairman Zhou Hongwei when it comes to the user experience, the first point is beyond the user’s expectations, to give users a surprise". From the 12306 Tucao point of view, the booking system upgrade does give users a special surprise. 12306 booking system landing difficult, beyond user expectations, and brought online queuing queue at the same time as the real surprise, successful booking success also brought a sense of success in buying lottery jackpot. It is because of these exceeded the user expected behavior and surprise has been a large number of users active dissemination of pleasure. Of course, if the company’s products and services have a positive, beyond the expectations and surprises of the user behavior, which the company’s products and services in terms of things that are twice the result with half the effort, four

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