Hollywood actress Jessica 5 years of entrepreneurship the company now sells 1 billion

According to the "Wall Street journal" reported that the Hollywood star Jessica – (Jessica Alba) founded Honest Company is likely to be close to $1 billion 700 million price for sale to Unilever,



quoted informed sources said the two sides in the early stage of negotiations on the acquisition, the purchase price may exceed $1 billion. Reported that Alba’s green products last year valued at $1 billion 700 million.

Honest founded 5 years ago, has raised more than $200 million from outside investors. The company specializes in sales of "green" and "organic" products, including detergents, baby diapers and other personal care products etc..

acquisition of the company will help Unilever in natural green cleaning products and paper diaper industry expansion.

, according to Fortune magazine reported that Honest may also be a public offering, the company did not completely give up this option. The company’s annual revenue of about $300 million, including sales channel’s website and Taghit retail store.

earlier this year, Honest suffered multiple lawsuits against its products containing certain chemicals. Alba has repeatedly denied the allegations, saying the lawsuits "have no basis".

‘s acquisition of Honest will be Unilever’s second acquisition of online consumer startups this summer, and the price is more than $1 billion. In July this year, Unilever bought Dollar Shave Club, the latter to pay a monthly fee of users regularly post disposable razors.

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