Push one how to promote the operation of female websites

previously said that the site of the master, and today, said the operation and promotion of pure women’s website.

landlord questions: http://s.lady55.cn woman nest network, mainly female emotional communication community. Please push the diagnosis of a forum website friends: 1, the design is reasonable. 2. How to promote, promotion should pay attention to what. Now the site has not registered, do not know how to promote, more depressed.

Jiang Likun: in the past, often with friends and some women standing friends to discuss the operation of the female station, really, I feel a headache. Because women’s psychology does not seem to grasp. So if you are gay, and you alone the construction of this station, we suggest that you find a MM in
 ):      ; for the forum, promotion is not the most important. Because the forum is very special, need to have interaction, so if the forum is not attractive enough, you can keep things, and then promote useless. Conversely, if the forum is very attractive, it does not need to promote, word-of-mouth publicity among the members will bring your forum.
        and the reason why we can not develop the forum, it is because there is no attractive things. I don’t like what the girl likes, but give you two examples.
        1, 55BBS, he is the reason for the fire because there is a discount information, which is all the girls like. And the early stage of their information update quickly, every day he rode his bike to collect first-hand discount information everywhere, so basically rely on the reputation of the members of the Forum on the development of the.
        2, a forum of my friends. Because this forum has been closed, so I can not give you the web site, but it was very hot. My friends understand Korean, and really understand Korean mouth jewelry. He opened a forum for this, because she can introduce the latest Korean jewelry information and you can also tell you some tips, what skills identification, so the member develops very fast, very viscous.

        do not know from the above two examples can give you enough inspiration. Suggest that we should first think of a good starting point, and then increase the internal construction. For example, only talk about clothes, teach you how to match clothes, around this to. Or something else.

            statement: because I am not a woman, so the above things are not necessarily kazakhstan.

Li Yuanchuang: get in, the first feeling, >

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