How to quickly improve the flow of the site to find the best way to promote

first, we first choose a good location of the site to make flow through the website, so the content of your website theme must choose some Internet hot topic, some places have lakes, where many people are boiling rivers and lakes. The popular topic to do rankings, but no one search, one can’t make bricks without straw, even if you do ranked first, you still can’t flow. So the choice of the topic is to engage in the premise of the late site traffic, which requires your own positioning. For example, I mainly do, mobile phone games, mobile phone games is selected topic, are currently doing mobile phone payment of the game, the cracked version relatively service website is not much, but in fact there are some high-end mobile phone game player love for the crack of the game, a great demand.

second, the content of good choice, next is the key, the domain name is also related to the important key for example, why, because we do the new station, a move is to rely on search, so the choice of the domain name is also good for optimization, now search optimization we all know, for example, by optimizing the chain and, within the chain, ranking, etc., PR, plus a domain name age, for example, now similar website, there are some different domain name, age registered rankings are not the same, and select the domain name, must use pinyin to start, for example, you want to play a game to close things. You have to register at the beginning of the Youxi, which has a good effect on the optimization, in the example above the GAME1173, is not the best choice, mainly is the domain name was registered, do not want to register new


third is a very important step, now a lot of personal negligence long step, that is when you select the host, many people do not pay attention, if you rely on Web traffic to start, then I suggest you direct independent server, independent server resources can be to let Baidu spider heartily crawling on the site, Baidu spider crawling here certainly exceptionally comfortable, comfortable place not only let Baidu spider is not willing to go, but also want to. Baidu spiders do not want to go and often want to, then the content of your website update and included are the advantages. If it is to use virtual hosting sites, such as traffic and back up a separate server, but you have not thought about, with the virtual host as the hardware on your website, Baidu to crawl your site has felt unhappy, unhappy when he does he eat what not sweet, so you even if the site is the original content and he does not patronize you, because he has come to you in a bad mood. When the mood is bad, who is willing to eat, even if it did not feel good to eat. In my opinion, the best is flat-share with others, it is best not to choose the virtual host, a lot cheaper than on a server, because the virtual host crawler to climb is limited traffic, which is the IIS number, so you want to search the weight of ascension that is also a key.

fourth, to the steady flow, the site must have original content, Baidu spiders love to eat something unique, with original content to feed the Baidu spider, let him eat sweet, since he eat delicious, he will give you the website.

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